Yes, you can eat dinner at Three Pheasants but we do need a little notice! Since we're not a regular restaurant and harvest to order, we need some time to prepare. Please let us know in the morning if you want to eat dinner that evening. If we receive your order after lunch, your options on the menu may be more limited. Also, do inform us of any allergies or special dietary requirements, we're here to help!

We grow many of our own vegetables and source the rest from nearby farm shops so the menu changes with the seasons. Our veggie growing philosophy follows agroecology principles, which nurtures the soil, the ecosystem and human health, and binds CO2 in the ground.

Our next 5 year goal is to provide 80% of the menu from right here or near the Pheasants. Agroecology and permaculture concepts are close to our hearts so we can provide quality, tasty and nutritious comfort food to you. The goal is a tough one, but we've all got to do more for this planet...much more.

Guest Restaurant Opening Hours; Tables by advance reservation only:

Open Friday to Tuesday 5.30pm To 9pm.

Closed Wednesday and Thursday.

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