Our three pheasants visiting Three Pheasants Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Our Story

Three Pheasants Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Gotland was established in early 2018 by four people who have lived and worked in Asia and Africa for the last 20+ years: Jerry, Josefina, Paolo and Karthi.

The core team who run the day to day ops, Josefina Bergsten (Swedish born) and Jerry McLean (British born and raised in South Africa) bring their experiences, stories, love of food and collected antiques and treasures that decorate the property to Three Pheasants.

Our philosophy and mission is straightforward: provide seriously comfy, snug accommodation and tasty down to earth food, grown on the property or sourced nearby, in a setting where anyone can feel at home. So if you're a global wanderer, family with children, couple on honeymoon, writer in need of peace and inspiration, or anyone at all! - come stay with us and tell us your story and we'll share a few of ours!

The Property

Three Pheasants Boutique B&B is housed in a lovely 100-year old wooden house with a sprawling garden full of fruit trees. Behind the main house is a large (and ever growing!) veggie garden where much of our dinner menu is picked daily. We also have an old limestone side house that might one day contain more rooms for our guests, and a huge stone barn. The whole property is around 2 hectares of land, and a couple of gorgeous horses normally munch grass in our back field (please note, they love apples and carrots...:).

We are nestled next to a dairy farm to our west, so you may wake up to a gentle moo or two! Ekeby "socken" (parish) is right in the middle of rural-idyllic Gotland, a genuine and non-touristic part of the island where farmers work their fields and cows, horses and sheep graze in the meadows.    

Why the name "Three Pheasants"?

We had just arrived to a cold wintery Gotland after a lifetime in the subtropics. We sat nursing a hot cup of tea in our largely unfurnished house thinking about what lay ahead and what to call our B&B. When we looked out the window, as early afternoon quickly turned to night,... three lovely pheasants were gathered eating sunflower seeds in our garden!