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Our websites ( (jointly referred to as the Websites and individually referred to as the Website) uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer (or other device using the internet), e.g. in order to facilitate navigation on the website. By using cookies, you are able to avoid entering the same data each time you visit our Websites. Cookies do not contain or collect information by themselves. However, when cookies are read by a server through a web browser they may provide information that makes it easier for us to e.g. provide a more user-friendly service.

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer (or other device that uses the Internet) and contains information for different purposes.

What are cookies used for on this website?

Cookies are used for some functions that improves the Websites for the user as well as they may provide us with statistics about the use of the Websites. A cookie cannot start applications.

Different types of cookies

The Websites uses session cookies and persistent cookies with a certain duration. Meanwhile a visitor is browsing a website, cookies are sent between the visitor's computer and a server in order to link information, for example about which presets the visitor has selected on the Website. Session cookies are not permanently stored on your computer (or other device that uses the Internet), but disappear when your web browser is closed. Persistent cookies are permanently stored on your computer (or other device that uses the Internet), but always have a certain duration that is set when they are created. After the expiration of the duration period, the persistent cookies are automatically deleted and they may also be deleted at any time via the web browser.

The website also uses persistent third-party cookies from Google Analytics (, and stores, where appropriate, cookies for those who log on the Websites with administrator privileges.

Please see below information about the specific cookies we use.

Session cookie-PHPSESSID-No, the cookie is deleted at the end of the session and Identifies the session in PHP. The cookie is only used to communicate with PHP in order to retrieve data from the database

Persistent cookie 1-cookiesok-Expires after 30 days and it keeps track of whether or not the visitor read and accepted the cookie policy. The cookie is used only to display, or not display, information about the cookie policy

Third party cookie for Google Analytics-_ga-Yes, but expires after 2 years. The cookie is used to distinguish different visitors / sessions in Google Analytics.Please see the below specified links for information about how cookies are used in Google Analytics

Third party cookie for Google Analytics-_gat-Yes, but expires after 10 minutes. The cookie is used to balance communications with Google Analytics. Please see the below specified links for information about how cookies are used in Google Analytics

Links to Google Analytics:


Each visitor can indicate whether he or she wish to accept to receive cookies or not. Most web browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) enable cookies automatically. You can change the settings so that your web browser does not automatically accept cookies or enables you to choose if you want to accept them or not. If you do not consent to our use of cookies, you should change your web browser settings for cookies or avoid using our Websites. The web browser settings for cookies needs to be set for each web browser on every device you use to visit our Websites. If cookies are disabled, however, the Websites may not be fully utilized and some functions may not be available.

Block all cookies

Most web browsers allow you to block all cookies. For more information about how to change your cookie settings in your web browser is usually found in the help menu for each web browser.


If you have any questions or would like further information about our use of cookies on the Websites, please contact us using the contact details indicated below.